We don't know what kind of gear you have or what kind of connectors you need to use your gear conveniently with your duet. What we do know is that your gear changes (hopefully not your duet) and with your gear changing there's a good chance you're going to need different types of connectors. Thats why we offer SexChanges.

Today you are fully content with 1/4 outputs but tomorrow you might get that Byrston 4B you've been saving up for and then you're gonna wish those 1/4 outputs were xlr. Before we offered SexChanges, your only solution would be to use a converter or a cable that went from 1/4 to xlr, which is more than fine. Now you have more options: get an adapter and adapt to the duet, or let us change your breakout box and adapt the duet to you.

With each purchace of a duet you are entitled to 1 Free SexChange. All you need to do is fill out the form online and mail us back your duet. Our surgeons are licensed and insured but most importantly have extensive experience performing this complex operation.

If you are ready for a SexChange just fill out the form below and send us back the BREAKOUT.


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